tips for choosing your perfect frames

Whats your face shape?






Faces with an Oval shape

An oval shaped face tends to be longer and narrower with a curved jawline. This face shape you can be creative and go with limitless options.

Faces with a circle shape

Circular and round faces have less defined cheekbones and have an equally wider face. The best frames for this face type are rectangular and square frames.

Faces with a square shape

This shape type has a broader forehead and a wider flatter jawline. With this face shape a circular rounder frame is optimal.

Faces with a triangle shape

This face type has a narrower forehead and a more angular jawline. With a triangular face type the best frames to use would be a frame with cat- eyes. Men typically get bowline frames.

Faces with a heart shape

These face types have a wider forehead and slimmer, narrow chin structure. A great frame for this face types is an oval shape frame such as an aviator or something that can bring a softness.