We offer a thirty (30) day money back guarantee for our frames without prescription lenses. Frames with prescription lenses can be exchanged for a 50% credit within 30 days. You will receive a full refund (excluding shipping) for all credit and debit orders. We will replace broken frames with no charge during this (30) day period; however, we do not provide replacement screws or nose pads for frames outside of this time-frame. SHIPPING CHARGES WILL NOT BE REFUNDED. Please read the following return instructions below:

  • Retain the container and order material that was included in your package.Contact our Customer Service at 214-937-9719 or use contact us by email at Please have your order number ready when prompted.
  • We will email you a shipping label at no additional charge.

For prescription orders made during in-person events

Prescriptions must be emailed within 90 days from the date of service for fulfillment.

In the event your prescription is not received within 90 days we will mail you the frame without your prescription. Prescription price will forfeit refunding and will be absorbed in frame price.