EDO Surfacing

Our Surfacing laboratory (pictured on top)

lens pic

At Focus & Frame Eyewear when it comes to prescription frames our vision is to make sure yours is 20/20. We don’t take your eyesight lightly and neither should you. We know there are many low-cost retailers offering you prescription glasses at dirt cheap prices but don’t be fooled. Your eyes deserve better!

Here at Focus & Frame Eyewear, we use Freeform Digital lenses for prescription fulfillment. Freeform digital lenses allow your prescription to be customized throughout the lens unlike traditional low-cost lenses which are pre-molded and do not allow an even, consistent prescription.

Let’s make it clear

Getting a traditional pre-molded lens is like getting a new mattress, hooray! Who doesn’t love a new mattress?

However, a Freeform digital lens is like having that same new mattress but with an adjustable base. Now that you are slightly elevated, you’re experiencing a new level of comfort and pressure relief that you didn’t know existed.

Here is the best part you get the luxury and clarity of a great lens without a high cost. Now that’s a value!

Our Focus Is You.